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I’m professor of obstetrics and gynaecology in Nottingham, and an NHS consultant. My old site was mainly about free-market environmentalism and canoeing. is more about poetry, sex, and questionable science.

Poetry – Nothing original,  just comments on poems I like. I like Philip Larkin. e.g. here

Sex – No porn. Just the variety of human sexual behavior. e.g. here

Free-market environmentalism – people look after stuff they own better than stuff in common ownership. Private forests, fisheries and game parks do better than state-owned ones (e.g. here). And we generally have too much government. Most problems would be improved if the state withdrew from an area, rather than imposing new interventionist solutions. e.g. here

Questionable science is sloppy, fraudulent, wasteful, self-serving or unethical research. There’s plenty of it. e.g. here

Currently (August 2016) I’m cross about people who encourage hormone replacement therapy after the menopause (e.g. here), most screening for common cancers (e.g. here), and the shocking ideas that we should encourage African mothers to circumcise their baby boys in the hope that one day it’ll prevent them getting HIV. e.g. here, or that cutting newborn babies’ tongues will help feeding here.

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  1. david cotton permalink
    March 5, 2012 10:36 am

    Do you know if the igreens site is permanently down?

    • March 5, 2012 6:55 pm

      Oh dear! Assuming you mean, it was working fine a few days ago. But you’re right it seems to be down now. I’ll check with the host and hopefully get it back up. Thanks for letting me know. Jim Thornton

  2. March 6, 2012 8:10 am

    Sorted. I’m not sure what the problem was but it’s up again now. Let me know if you experience any more problems. Thanks again for the heads up. Jim

  3. May 6, 2012 12:17 pm

    Thanks for stoping by my blog and liking one of the posts

  4. Ralph permalink
    December 4, 2013 7:33 am

    Jim, Interesting site, picked up your route down the Seven and wanted to check about the start point and access. Any comments

  5. Stephen Taylor FRSA permalink
    November 27, 2014 2:11 pm

    A post in the Facebook group Stop Killing Cyclists referred me to the 1996 igreens paper “The Great Road Transport Subsidy”. I cleaned up the ancient Microsoft markup to be able to share it. Would you care for a copy of that?

  6. Andrew D permalink
    October 13, 2016 12:52 am

    I’m sure you wrote a great guide to kayaking the River Trent, but now I can’t find it. Any chance you could send me a link, please? Thanks very much!

  7. October 13, 2016 10:10 pm

    I did. It was on But i eventually gave up maintaining that site. Gone now i think. Bother! Where are you planning to paddle?

  8. June 30, 2017 9:27 pm

    Your comment on NEJM about Aspirin and PE screening is great. We also raised some doubt on the PE cut-off calculation, and our comment will be published soon.

  9. September 26, 2020 6:19 am

    Do you know if the igreen site is permanently down?

  10. October 13, 2021 3:29 am

    Hi great reading your postt

  11. Secretary Newark Federation permalink
    April 7, 2023 8:36 am

    Please be aware that our land at East Stoke is private and says so on the locked gate, which you mention in your description, anyone found parking or swimming will be reported to the police.

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