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Navigation page has been collecting the primary sources about Covid-19 in pregnancy since March 2020. All regularly updated. No opinion, no reviews, no guidelines. Just the primary data sources. Click here for reasons to use our data.

For primary scientific reports (click here). Duplicates and overlaps noted. Curated by Jim Thornton, Keelin O’Donoghue & Kate Walker. Regularly updated.

For primary sources on Covid-19 vaccines in pregnancy, and effects on fertility (click here).

For news items describing cases of Covid-19 in pregnancy reported by traditional newspapers & broadcasters (click here). Regularly updated.

Summary totals for non-overlapping cases here. Updated to 12 May, when UKOSS registry first reported. Corrections only after 12 May.

Help to disambiguate Chinese hospitals & universities here.

Covid-19 in pregnancy registries, & similar, here.

For my best estimate of the maternal mortality rate with Covid-19 (click here).

For primary sources on the indirect effects of the pandemic (e.g. via lockdown) on pregnancy (click here).

For primary sources on the gynaecological effects of Covid (click here).

For a list of birth carers lost to Covid (click here).

And finally – on a lighter note – lockdown cocktails (click here).

Jim Thornton

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