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Navigation page has been collecting the primary sources about Covid-19 in pregnancy for a month. All regularly updated. No opinion, no reviews, no guidelines. Just the primary data sources.

For primary scientific reports (click here). Duplicates and overlaps noted. Curated by Jim Thornton, Keelin O’Donoghue & Kate Walker. Regularly updated.

For primary sources on Covid-19 vaccines in pregnancy, and effects on fertility (click here).

For news items describing cases of Covid-19 in pregnancy reported by traditional newspapers & broadcasters (click here). Regularly updated.

Summary totals for non-overlapping cases here. Updated to 12 May, when UKOSS registry first reported. Corrections only after 12 May.

Help to disambiguate Chinese hospitals & universities here.

Covid-19 in pregnancy registries, & similar, here.

For my best estimate of the maternal mortality rate with Covid-19 (click here).

For primary sources on the indirect effects of the pandemic (e.g. via lockdown) on pregnancy (click here).

For a list of birth carers lost to Covid (click here).

And finally – on a lighter note – lockdown cocktails (click here).

Jim Thornton

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