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Covid-19 pregnancy news reports – 101 onwards

May 17, 2020

In roughly reverse order. Updated regularly. Click here for the first hundred news reports. Click here for’s Covid-19 in pregnancy navigation page.

31 July update

183. 19-year-old Janete Vasconcelos da Silva, contracted Covid-19 at 8 months gestation and was cared for at a hospital in Santarem, Para State, Brazil on July 17, 2020 (click here). Report 21 July.

182. There have been 2,842 infections among pregnant and post partum women in Mexico, and 83 deaths (click here). Report 13 July.

181. Three mothers tested positive at the Pumwani maternity hospital in Nairobi, Kenya (click here). No babies were affected. Report 14 July.

180. Amandine tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and gave birth to Mahaut by Caesarean at CHIREC Delta Hospital in Brussels, Belgium April 25, 2020 (click here). Both mother and baby were doing well. Report 26 April.

30 July update

179. Essence Townsend from Scottsdale, Arizona contracted Covid-19 at about 32 weeks (click here). The pregnancy is ongoing. Report 27 July.

178. Three pregnant women with Covid-19 have been turned away by hospitals in Kolkota, West Bengal (click here). The outcomes appear to have been good. Report 28 July.

177. Kia Anderson, from Memphis, Tennessee, contracted Covid-19 at 23 weeks (click here). She self-isolated at home and recovered. The pregnancy is ongoing. Report 27 July

176. 54 pregnant women have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in El Paso, Texas (click here). No newborns have tested positive. Report 28 July.

175. An unnamed woman gave birth at term at the end of May in Sassoon hospital, Pune, India (click here). She had no symptoms but had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. The baby had fever, lethargy and signs of severe Covid-19, tested positive and recovered. Report 28 July.

174. Veronica Markley contracted Covid 19 at 27 weeks gestation (click here). She was cared for at Presbyterian St. Lukes hospital in Denver, Colorado, and required ventilation for some days. She recovered and gave birth at term. She tested positive again on the day of the birth. The baby was fine. Report 29 July.

27 July update

173. An unnamed woman with Covid-19 gave birth on 22 July at Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital in Agartala, in Tripura, NE India (click here). Both “mother and child are safe”. Report 23 July.

172. An unnamed woman with Covid-19 gave birth at Diphu Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) in Karbi Anglong district in Assam, India (click here). Both mother & child are in a ‘stable’ condition. Earlier Runjun Mahanta and Kankana Barman, who both had Covid-19, gave birth to healthy babies in Kokrajhar, Assam. Report 27 July.

25 July update

171. Kaillee Dyke contracted Covid-19 at 27 weeks gestatiowith twins, and required ventilation in the intensive care unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia (click here). At the time of the report she remained on the ventilator, the pregnancy was ongoing and the babies were undelivered. Report 19 July.

170. Marzanne Lennox contracted Covid-19 at 30 weeks gestation and required 2 weeks ventilation at Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa (click here). She survived. The baby was stillborn and delivered by Caesarean. Report 16 July.

20 July update

169. One hundred women with Covid-19 have given birth at Vani Vilas Hospital in Bengaluru, India (click here). The hospital has treated up to 350 pregnant women with Covid-19. Report 17 July.

168. A woman with Covid-19 gave birth by Caesarean at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-Patna on 19 July (click here). The baby has not yet been tested. Report 20 July.

167. Ten women with Covid-19 gave birth in Gauhati Medical College and Hospital in Assam, India (click here). Report 19 July.

18 July update

166. Sarah Green from San Antonio in Texas is pregnant and contracted COVID-19 (click here). She is self isolating at home and the pregnancy is ongoing. Report 18 July.

165. Rocio Casalduc from New Hampshire contracted Covid-19 during her pregnancy and was anaeshetised. presumably ventilated, and her baby delivered (click here). Both survived. Report 18 July

15 July update

164. Diana Angola, 36, contracted Covid-19 at 26 weeks. She required ventilation and Caesarean section, at the Versaille clinic in Cali, Colombia (click here). She recovered. Her son Jefferson tested negative and remains in hospital. Report 29 June.

163. Sarah Scully, age 35, from Birmingham UK contracted Covid-19 at a late stage of her prengancy (click here). She was delivered by Caesarean section at Birmingham Women’s Hospital on 12 April. After a month of intensive care she died on May 12. The baby survived. Report 20 June.

162. Aurora Chacon Esparza, age 35, from Minnesota, contracted Covid-19 at 30 weeks gestation. She required ventilation and was delivered by Caesarean at North Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn Minneapolis. The baby survived, but she remains critically ill on a ventilator (click here). Report 11 July.

161. Larissa Blanco was pregnant with twins. She had flu like symptoms and tested positive for SARS- CoV-2 on June 12. The Covid-19 was reported to have been mild. The twins were born at a private hospital in Botucatu, Sao Paulo on June 27, but she died soon after from bleeding (click here). The twins survived. Report 2 July.

160. Dora Nginza Hospital in port Elizbeth S Africa has treated 19 pregnant patients who have tested positive for Covid-19 (click here). The hospital treated its first case in pregnancy on 30 March (click here). Reports 9 April & 24 June.

14 July update

159. Esbeidy Reyes contracted Covid-19 at about 28 weeks, and was admitted to the ICU at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. She was treated with immune plasma from someone who had recovered from the virus (click here). She recovered. The pregnancy is ongoing. Report 28 June.

158. The Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (IOG) & Government Hospital for Women and Children, Egmore, in Chennai, has treated 294 women who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. None have died.  Kasturba Gandhi Hospital (KGH) for Women and Children, Triplicane has cared for 229 positive women of whom 187 have been discharged, but no further details are available (click here). The Government Kilpauk Medical College Hospital has 30 COVID-19 positive pregnant women. At least 10% of babies are reported to have tested positive. No details were available for Chennai’s largest maternity hospital, Government RSRM Lying-in Hospital, Royapuram. Report 20 June.

157. Morgan Brink, from Johannesburg South Africa, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 at 22 weeks gestation. She recovered and her son was born by Caesarean at 35 weeks on 11 July. He is recovering (click here). Report 14 July.

13 July update

156. Rocio Martinez contracted Covid-19 at 20 weeks (click here). She recovered, and the pregnancy is ongoing. Report July 8.

155. An unnamed woman from Hesperia, California died from Covid-19 on 26 June (click here). The baby survived and tested negative. According to the report she was the 2nd pregnant woman to die from the disease in California. At the time of the report 72 pregnant women in San Bernardino County had contracted COVID-19. Report 10 July.

154. Maggie Sillero was 28 weeks pregnant with triplets when she tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (click here). She remained asymptomatic and was delivered by Caesarean at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston at 32 weeks. The babies all did well. Report 9 July.

153. The wife of professional tennis player Viktor Troicki is pregnant and has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (click here). Report 23 June.

26 June update

152. An unnamed 40-year-old woman, with SARS-CoV-2, gave birth to a baby girl at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria (click here). Both mother and the baby “are doing fine.” Report 27 April.

24 June update

151. An unnamed 24-year-old woman with Covid-19 and an ectopic pregnancy died in the Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India, on 19 June (click here). Report 20 June.

150. Five pregnant girls have contracted Covid-19 at a state-run children’s shelter in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur districy (click here). They are being treated at Kanpur Medical College. No further details. Report 22 June.

149. An unnamed woman with Covid-19 was delivered by Caesarean section at 31 weeks in the Semmelweis Hospital in Budapest (click here). The baby tested negative. Report 23 June.

23 June update

R 20 update. Karen Mannering (report 20 here) gave birth to a healthy baby on 16 June (click here). Report 22 June.

148. A unnamed asymptomatic woman with SARS-Cov2 gave birth to triplets in Mexico on May 8th. (click here). The babies tested positive on the day of birth but are reportedly “not in danger”.  Report 23 June.

147. An unnamed 20-year-old woman who tested positive for coronavirus on June 14 gave birth on June 15 in a COVID care centre in Amravati in Maharashtra. Both mother and baby recovered. Another unnamed woman with COVID-19, from Rohankheda village in Morshi tehsil, gave birth to a boy on June 19 (click here). Both also recovered. Report 22 June.

146. Kate Foxall, 36, from Charminster contracted Covid-19 at 38 weeks, and gave birth to Ostara at St Mary’s Maternity Unit in Poole on May 15 (click here). Ostara’s coronovirus status was not reported but she was fine. Report 22 June.

145. An unnamed  29-year-old woman from Sombrerete in Mexico gave birth to triplets prematurely by Caesarean section on May 6th at Zacatecas Women’s Hospital (click here). She tested positive postnatally. The babies all tested negative. Two died from prematurity. Report 14 May

18 June update

144. Monica V. Garcia from Elizabeth, New Jersey contracted Covid-19 during pregnancy (click here). She recovered without special treatment. The baby is due August 3. Report 22 May.

143. Three pregnant women with Covid-19 in the Cayman Islands recovered with no special treatment (click here). No further details. Report 15 June.

15 June update

142. The Nair hospital in Mumbai successfully completed 302 deliveries of Covid-19 positive women. Doctors said none of the babies born in last two months had tested positive at the time of birth (click here). Report 15 June.

141. An unnamed woman with Covid-19 from Old Dhaka gave birth to a baby boy at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh (click here). Both recovered. Report 17 May.

140. An unnamed woman in late pregnancy tested positive in Meghalaya, Bangladesh (click here). No further details given. Report 10 June.

14 June update

139. Liberian nurse Sedia Marwolo, aged 38, was 32 weeks gestation when she contracted Covid-19 (click here). She recovered and later had a healthy baby. Report 23 May.

Update (click here) of report 17 from Baton Rouge (click here). The mother, who had required ventilation but laboured spontanously at 21+6 days, and whose baby had died soon after birth, is named as Kenna Allen. She recovered. Report 10 June.

138. An unnamed women contracted Covid-19 at 28 weeks gestation, and required delivery at 29 weeks at Dubai’s King’s College Hospital London (click here). The baby was not infected and both recovered. Two other women with less severe disease in the same hospital also recovered and their babies were not infected. Report 11 June.

137. Danielle Wood, age 32, contracted Covid-19  at 32 weeks gestation (click here). She self-isolated at home. Her baby born at 38 weeks was not infected. Report 12 June.

8 June update

136. A woman, identified only as Ilse, developed Covid-19 at 31 weeks gestation (click here). She required ventilation at Rodolfo de Mucha Macías hospital in Mexico City. At 34 weeks she was delivered by Caesarean. The baby tested negative and both recovered. The hospital has cared for four other women with Covid-19. Three recovered and their pregnancies are ongoing. No details were given of the fourth. Report 3rd june.

135. Rusia Goes, aged 42, from Rio de Janeiro developed Covid-19 at 8 months gestion (click here). She required ventilation and delivery by caesarean. The baby tested negative and was isolated from her. She eventually recovered. Report 26 May.

7 June update

134. An unnamed 20 year old woman died after giving birth at 7 months gestation to a stillborn baby in Vellore Medical College and Hospital (click here). The birth was by Caesarean section and the cause of death was reported as complications of pregnancy-induced hypertension. She had tested positive for Sars-Cov2. Report 6 June.

133. 79 pregnant women have tested positive for COVID-19 in Kashmir (click here). Mainly from the Anantnag district. No further details. Report 6 June.

132. Neelam Kumari, age 30, from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, died in the eighth month of her pregnancy of Covid-19 (click here). Report 7 June.

131. Abi Atkin, aged 34, from Sheffield contracted mild Covid-19 at 34 weeks (click here). She recovered without treatment and gave birth normally at term. Report 6 June.

5 June update

130. An unnamed 22-year-old woman from Padarayanapura, Bengaluru, India, contracted Covid-19 at 8 months gestation (click here). No further details. Report 5th June.

2 June update

129. Michelle Hunter contracted Covid-19 at term (click here). Her son, Hank, was delivered by Caesarean section at an unnamed Vernon, British Columbia hospital. He tested negative. Report 30 May.

1 June update

128. Wafa Boudissa, age 28, died of the coronavirus at 8 months gestation (click here). She was a doctor working in the Intensive Care unit of Ras El Oued hospital in eastern Algeria. Report May 18.

127. A unnamed 28-year-old woman, who was six months pregnant, died in Kalsekar hospital, Mumbra, India after three private hospitals refused to admit her because of suspected Covid-19 (click here). Her death certificate says she died of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with suspected Covid. HT @DeepakNModi. Report 29 May.

31 May update 

126. Vegan lifestyle vlogger Rachel Ama contracted Covid-19 at 11 weeks gestation (click here). She recovered and the pregnancy is continuing. Report 30 May.

30 May update

125. Hilda Garson, age 28, from Manitoba, tested positive for SARS-Cov2 in March (click here). She self isolated, is now 21 weeks, and the pregnancy is ongoing. Three other pregnant women in Manitoba are reported to have tested positive. Report 28 May.

124. Rashmi Kapoor tested positive at term and delivered in Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital in New Delhi (click here). Report 27 May.

123. Amanda Joyce, from Boston, Massachusetts, contracted Covid-19 on March 19th at about 21 weeks gestation (click here). She self-isolated at home and the pregnancy is ongoing. Report May 29.

28 May update Reports 121 and 122 added.

122. A belated addition. An anonymous woman with Covid-19 in Wuhan (click here) gives birth to an infected baby. Report 5 Feb.

121. Candice Bowie contracted Covid-19 in April in prison in Louisiana at 8 months gestation. On May 4th she was released and went to an unnamed hospital where she was scheduled to deliver by Caesarean (click here). Report 18 May.

26 May update Reports 115-120 added.

120. Diamond, a pseudonym, developed mild Covid 19 at term and delivered at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital (click here). Mother and baby survived. Report 21 May.

119. Tasnim Shaheen developed severe Covid-19 at about 28 weeks gestation. She required ventilation and Caesarean at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York (click here). Mother and baby are still in hospital but recovering. Report 11 May.

118. An unnamed 20-year-old coronavirus positive woman from Medchal has given birth to twins by Caesarean section at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad (click here). The mother was asymptomatic. The twins are awaiting testing. Report 26 May.

117. Lisseth Hernandez developed Covid-19 at 29 weeks gestation with twins. She required ventilation and was delivered at 30 weeks by Caesarean (click here). She recovered. The babies were isolated and did well. Report 19 May.

116. There are 2,561 pregnant women in Russia with coronavirus infection. 2,035 tested positive for SARS-Cov2. Presumably the rest are clinical diagnoses (click here).  There are 816 pregnant women with the coronavirus infection in Moscow alone. Report 25 May.

115. Katie Miller, the spokeswoman for US Vice President Mike Pence, is pregnant and has tested positive for SARS.Cov2 (click here). She has recovered and is back at work. The pregnancy is continuing. Report 26 May.

21 May update Reports 111-114 added.

114. Claire Trusson, age 37, developed Covid-19 at 34 weeks (click here). It was an IVF pregnancy. She gave birth at St Helier Hospital in Carshalton. Both recovered. Report 29 April.

113. Shaquilla James, of Summerton, South Carolina developed Covid-19 at 38 weeks gestation (click here). She gave birth the same day at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, SC, but later was put on a ventilator. Mother & baby both recovered. Report 20 May.

112. Alicia Kappers, age 40, was 31 weeks when she developed Covid-19 on March 24 (click here). She was cared for at the TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she required prolonged ventilation and a tracheostomy. She went into pre-term labour at 32 weeks and was delivered by Caesarean. The baby tested negative. Both are recovering at home. Report 17 May

111. There have been 115 babies born to Covid-19 infected mothers at the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital – also called Sion Hospital – in Mumbai (click here). Three babies were infected, but recovered. Two mothers died, one of whom was aged 28 and died after giving birth.  Report 21 May. (HT Francis Githae Murithi)

18 May update – report 109 added.

110. An unnamed woman with Covid-10 gave birth in the North Ossetia city of Beslan (click here). Both mother and baby are now home. The head of the unnamed hospital’s maternity unit, Hassan Tagaiev, said that 17 of 35 women who were about to give birth there had tested positive for Covid-19.  Report 18 May.

109. Kimberly Phillips, age 44, who had Covid 19, gave birth on May 2nd, at 40 weeks gestation, at the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend (click here & here). Her baby, Coolio Carl Justin Morgan, died age 3 days. The primary cause of death was hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, secondary cause maternal Covid-19. Kimberley is reported to have needed intensive care but has now been discharged. Reports 13, 14 May

17 May update reports 107 & 108 added

108. An unnamed 29-year-old from Sindhupalchowk district in Nepal gave birth on May 6, and died of COVID-19 on May 16, in Kathmandu (click here). Report 17 May

107. An unnamed 27-year-old, from Dharavi slum in Maharashtra, tested positive for coronavirus in Belagavi city on 14 May (click here). She was 7 months gestation. Dharavi is in Mumbai . Belagavi is 500 km to the south. Report 15 May

16 May update – reports 105 & 106 added

106. Ten pregnant women with Covid-19 have been were treated at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv (click here). Four have given birth, one of whom was in critical condition and was transferred to ICU. Report 15 May.

105. An unnamed woman with SARS-COV-2 gave birth at 39 weeks gestation in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi  (click here). The baby was not infected. Report 15 May.

13 May update – reports 103 and 104 added.

104. Mili América Antelo, age 40, was pregnant with twins at when she developed severe Covid-19 at 28 weeks gestation (click here). She required Caesarean section and spent 11 days in intensive care (7 on a ventilator) at Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona. The twins both tested negative. Mili has now been discharged. Report 11 May.

103. The Los Angles Times reports that roughly 134 pregnant women have tested positive, in LA county (click here). Over 82% of them were symptomatic. There have been 29 live births, and one stillbirth. Twenty-four infants were tested at birth, including one set of twins, and none tested positive. The virus has not been detected in amniotic fluid, breast milk or other “maternal samples”. Report 11 May.

10 May update – cases 97-102 added

102. Six women with COVID-19 have given birth in a government hospital in Peru. Five babies were healthy and have been discharged. The sixth woman remains in a serious condition in the intensive care unit. Her baby was born prematurely and remains hospitalized. None of the babies tested positive for COVID-19 (click here). Report 9 May.

101. Jessa Yager, from Grand island, Nebraska, developed Covid-19 while pregnant  (click here). She is recovering and the pregnancy is ongoing at 36 weeks. Report 7 May.

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