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Birth carers lost to Covid-19

December 13, 2020

Looking after mothers and babies during childbirth never stops – nights, weekends, holidays, the lights in the labour and neonatal wards are always on – and it didn’t stop for Covid.  Midwives, obstetric and neonatal nurses, neonatologists, anaesthetists, sonographers, cleaners, porters, auxiliaries, doulas, obstetricians, and many others, carried on as usual. A few paid with their lives.

Some caught Covid-19 in the line of duty, some elsewhere; I’ve made no attempt to separate them. Listed by month of death. Email Jim Thornton for those missed. Thank you Shakila Thangaratinam and Tara Pauly for initial encouragement and for alerting me to some names. 

There seem to be more OBGYN’s than midwives, which is implausible. The explanation is probably that some countries don’t use the term midwife, and that the internet is biased towards recording deaths of doctors before other health professions. 

Some resources used – Venezuela (click here), Italy (click here), Russia (click here), UK/BMJ (click here), US physicians (click here), Iran (click here), Medscape (click here), New York State Nurses Association (click here), Lancet (click here).

I will update.

March 2021 – Jim Dornan added

March 2021 

Jim Dornan age 73, OBGYN, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Death announced on 15 March (click here).  

January 11 update – Jose Jimenez, Gregory Michael, Unnamed midwife from Whittingdon, Adaín Landeros, Tomás Hernández Quijano, Jaime Hernández Rodríguez, Georgi Hubchev, José Alfredo Jiménez Turrubiates, Duško Kljakić, Halil Yucel Kutun, Katia Kohler, Mark Laser, and Biljana Natic ​​Ljumovic added. Details below.

January 2021

An unnamed midwife “originally from Zimbabwe” is reported to have died from Covid-19 at the Whittingdon Hospital in London in early January (click here).

Gregory Michael, age 56, OBGYN, Miami Beach, Florida on 3 January (click here). Cause thrombocytopaenia, two weeks after receiving the BioNTech/Pfizer Covid vaccine. The relation between the two events is under investigation.




Joel Antonio Contreras Gámez, age 87, OBGYN, Táchira, Venezuela, on 24 November (click here).

Liliana Somogy, OBGYN, Carabobo, Venezuela, on 19 November (click here). 

Pierantonio Meroni, age 83, OBGYN from Como, Italy, on 17 November (click here or here).

Héctor Enrique Torrealba Rodríguez, age 68, OBGYN, Carabobo, Venezuela, on 12 November (click here).

Adaín Octavio Girón Landeros, age 42, OBGYN, Hospital General de Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico, on 12 November (click here).


Carlos Fayanás, age 73, OBGYN, Juncal Sanatorium in Temperley, Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, on 22 October (click here). 

Georgi Hubchev, age 66, OBGYN, University Hospital “Virgin Mary” Burgas, Bulgaria, on 17 October (click here).

Jose Inés Alcántara Jimenez, age about 64, OBGYN, Hospital General Iguala, Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico on 12 Octobe (click here).

Rafael Colmenares, OBGYN, Trujillo, Venezuela, on 1st October (click here).

Nikolay Vasechko, age 59, a doctor in diagnostic ultrasound in Dobrinsky Regional Hospital, Lipetsk, Russia, in October (click here). 

Jagadish Rai, age 70, OBGYN, Raju Clinic, BC Road, Bantwal, India, in October (click here). 


Tatyana Babaytseva, age 53, ultrasound doctor, Uryupinsk District Hospital, Volgograd, Russia, in September (click here).

Pedro Sánchez, age 65, Distrito Capital, Venezuela, on 21 September (click here).

Freddy Lacroix, OBGYN, Carabobo, Venezuela, on 20 September (click here).

Adeline Fagan, age 28, trainee OBGYN, Houston, Texas, on 19 September (click here).

Ana Mercedes Flores, OBGYN, Maternidad del Sur, Carabobo, Venezuela, on 13 September (click here).

Elio José Margiotta Figueroa, age 60, OBGYN, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, on 7 September (click here).

Manuela Fernández Lanz, age 60, OBGYN, Bolívar, Venezuela, on 3 September (click here).


Pedro Luis Cedeño, age 56, OBGYN, on 30 August (click here).

Andrés del Orbe, OBGYN, Táchira, Venezuela on 30 August (click here).

Julia Morales, OBGYN, Trujillo, Venezuela, on 28 August (click here).

Franklin Urdaneta, OBGYN, Zulia, Venzuela, on 24 August (click here). 

Junny Macabril, OBGYN, Bolivar, Venezuela, on 24 August (click here).

Kathlynne Abat-Senen, age 43, neonatologist from Manila, Philippines, On 23 August (click here). 

Dalia Gabriela Sosa Atondo, age 28, OBGYN, Culiacán, Mexico, on 21 August (click here or here). She was pregnant. Her baby survived. 

Jesús García, OB/GYN, Hospital Materno Infantil “Dr Pastor Oropeza,” Caracas, Venezuela on 20 August (click here). 

Carlos Alberto Amaya, neonatologist, Hospital de Niños Benjamín Bloom, San Salvador, El Salvador on 18 August (click here).

Ángel Ruben Alzurutt Riera, OBGYN, from Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela on 17 August (click here). 

Yamil Abou Assali, age 60, OBGYN, Barinas, Venezuela, on 8 August (click here).

Felipe De La Cruz Luna, OBGYN, Apartadó, Colombia on 5 August (click here). 

Halil Yucel Kutun, age 67, OBGYN, Ozel Bag Hospital, Diyarbakir, Turkey, on 4 August (click here).

Jesús Peña Peña, age 67, OBGYN, Hospital de Santa Bárbara, Mérida, Venezuela on 4 August (click here). 


Alcira Perache, age 52, OBGYN, Hospital Dr Raúl Leoni, Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar, Venezuela, on 31 July (click here).  

Germán Mauricio Erazo Santos, OBGYN, Hospital Gabriela Alvarado, Danlí, Honduras on 29 July (click here). 

Óscar Urenda, age 72, OBGYN, Santa Cruz, La Paz, Bolivia, On July 23 (click here).

Ana Henríquez Salazar, age 52, OBGYN, Distrito Capital, Venezuela, on 22 July (click here).

María Consuelo González, OBGYN, Distrito Capital, Venezuela, on 13 July (click here).

Doreen Lugaliki, age 39, OBGYN in Kenya on 10 July (click here). 

Jesús Romero, age 54, OBGYN,  Rosario de Perijá, Zulia, Venezuela. on 10 July (click here).

Elias José Hani Jimeno, age 64, OBGYN, Clínica Misericordia, Ciénaga, Magdalena, Colombia in July (click here).

Matilde Ramírez García,  OB-GYN, Hospital Regional de Coatzacoalcos “Dr. Valentin Gomez Farias,” Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, on 3rd July (click here). 

José Alfredo Jiménez Turrubiates, OBGYN, Hospital General Matamoros “Dr. Alfredo Pumarejo,” Matamoros, Tamaluipas, Mexico, on 2 July (click here)

Nola Mae Moore, age 98, family practitioner, King County, Washington, USA, who had delivered almost 5,000 babies in partnership with her husband, in June (click here). 


Jorge Leal, age 56, OBGYN, Zulia, Venezuela, on 28 June (click here).

Manuel Romero, age 54, OBGYN, Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela, on 24 June (click here). 

Sergio de la Fuente Burton, age 73, OBGYN, American Hospital, Cancun, Mexico, on 2nd June (click here).


Ramon César Aparicio Osorio, OBGYN, director of Hospital Materno Infantil Vicente Guerrero, Chimalhuacán, Mexico in May (click here).

Carla de Oliveira Obelar, age 42, neonatal nurse, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in May (click here).

Ahmed Al-Annie, OBGYN, from Banha Insurance Hospital, Banha, Egypt in May (click here).

Eder Aguilar Rojas, OBGYN from Iquitos, Peru in May (click here).

Nicolás Hernández Hernández, OBGYN from Iquitos, Peru in May (click here).

Margaret Njenga, midwife, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK, in May (click here). 

Safaa Alam, age 30, midwife, Birmingham, UK in May (click here or here).

Jaime Hernández Rodríguez, OBGYN, General Hospital of Zona 13 de Matamoros.Tamaluipas, Mexico  (click here).

Esperanza Bravo Ruíz, neonatologist, Puebla, Mexico, on May 13 (click here). 

Daniel Mojica, administrator, Hospital de Gineco Obstetricia No. 3 de La Raza, Mexico City, Mexico on 9 May (click here).

Duško Kljakić, age 52, OB-GYN,  General Hospital “Blažo Orlandic,” Bar, Montenegro, on 9 May (click here).

Veselago Larisa Mikhailovna, age 71, OBGYN, St. Petersburg, Russia on 8 May (click here).

Claudio Antonio Figueiredo Reis, age 63, OBGYN, Hospital Anita Gerosa, Ananindeua, Brazil on 6 May (click here).

Svetlana Vinokur, age 56, obstetric nurse, NYC Health+Hospitals/Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, on 1 May (click here).


Reinaldo Albernás, age 54, OBGYN, in Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica, in April (click here).

Khanyafi Garifullin, age 61, OBGYN from Dzerzhinsk City hospital, Moscow, Russia, on 30 April (click here).

Avelar Feitosa Ribeiro, OBGYN, Hospital Divina Providência, Marituba, Pará, Brazil, on 27 April (click here). 

Azinet Pudpud, age 61, neonatal nurse, Lincoln Hospital, New York, on 27 April (click here). 

Elma Cavalida, a maternity assistant at Northwick Park Hospital, on April 26 (click here). 

Gerardo Zenteno Gutiérrez, OBGYN, Clínica de Especialidad Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles, Puebla, Mexico, on April 25 (click here).

Shree Vishna Rasiah, age 49, neonatologist, Birmingham, UK, on 23 April 2020 (click here or here)

Arthur Tayengco, age 81, OBGYN, University of Nevada-Las Vegas School of Medicine, USA, on 22 April (click here or here).

Alicia Soto Guerrero, age 65, radiologist, Sinaloa, Mexico, previously intern in OBGYN, on 20 April (click here or here).

Tomás Hernández Quijano, OBGYN IMSS Hospital Vicente Guerrero, Acapulco, Mexico between 19 and 23 April (click here).

Joshua Yasuo Suzuki, age 78, OBGYN, Seattle, USA, on April 19 (click here or here).

Linda Clarke, age 66, midwife, Wigan, UK, on 16 April (click here). 

Alberto Guidetti, age 76, OBGYN, Arzignano and Valdagno Hospitals in Creazzo, Italy, on 15 April (click here).

Emeka Chugbo, age 60, OBGYN, Lagos, Nigeria, on 15 April (click here. See also here).

Emma Altagracia Barba Demorizi, Dominican Republic, on 14 April (click here).

Katia Kohler, OBGYN, Santana de Parnaiba, Brazil, on 13 April (click here).

Raimundo Ferreira Rodrigues, age 75, OBGYN, Manaus, Brazil, on 12 April (click here). 

Betty Cruz Yagual, age 61, OBGYN, Santiago de Guayaquil, and El Cisne, Health Centers, in Ecuador, on 10 April (click here). 

Edoardo Valli, age 63, OBGYN at Santa Famiglia obstetric clinic, Rome, on 9 April (click here).

Luis Caldera-Nieves, age 63, OBGYN, from Jackson South Community Hospital in Palmetto Bay, Miami, Florida on 8 April (click here). 

Susan Sisgundo, neonatal nurse, Bellevue Hospital, New York, on April 8 (click here).

Alice Kit Tak Ong, age 70, midwife from North London, UK, on 7 April (click here or here).

Aria Sigaroudi, midwife, Sari, Iran, on 7 April (click here). 

Mark Laser, age 63, OBGYN, Women’s Healthcare, Trumbull, Connecticut, on 7 April (click here).

Luis Caldera-Nieves, age 63, OBGYN, Miami, Florida, on 7 April (click here).

Jack Zoller, OBGYN, New Orleans, Louisiana on 2 April (click here). 

Lynsay Coventry, age 54, midwife, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, Harlow, Essex, UK, on 2 April (click here). 

Hamza Pacheeri, age 80, OBGYN, Birmingham, United Kingdom on April 1 (click here). 


Ricardo A. Alcivar Zambrano, age 67, Neonatologist, Guayaquil, Ecuador, in March (click here).

Gianfranco D’Ambrosio, OBGYN and GP, Italy, on 30 March (click here).

Irving Buterman, age 78, OBGYN, New York, on March 30 (click here).

Washington Germán Tutasi Jaramillo, age 68, OBGYN, Ambate, Ecuador, on March 28 (click here). 

Carlos Enrique Burbano Freire, age 50, Guayaquil, Ecuador, on 26 March (click here).

Biljana Natic ​​Ljumovic, age 59, OBGYN, Niš, Serbia, on 25 March (click here). 

Liliana Ortega Miranda, age 45, OBGYN, Hospital Nacional Sergio Bernales, Comas, Peru, on 23 March (click here). 

Jean-Marie Boegle, age 66, OBGYN, Mulhouse, France, on 22 March (click here or here).

Valter Tarantini, age 72, OBGYN, Forlì, Italy, on 19 March (click here or here).

Roberto Mileti, age 59, OBGYN, San Marco, Italy, on 30 March (click here).

Month unknown

Bugornikova Galina Valentinovna, age 59, OBGYN, Ust-Pristanskiy, Altai Territory, Russia (click here).

Anusheh Beikian, OBGYN, Rasht, Iran (click here).

Seyyedeh Azemat Mousavi, OBGYN, Sari, Iran (click here). 

Dr. Ali İhsan BULUT, OBGYN, Istanbul (click here)

Ibtihal Hammoud, OBGYN, Aden, Yemen (click here)

Walid Yahya Abdelhaleem, age 32, OBGYN, Almuneerah General Hospital, Cairo, Egypt (click here)

Jim Thornton

Note. For ease of searching, and because many countries use the generic term gynaecologist to include obstetrician, I’ve classified obstetricians, gynaecologists and doctors who practice both, all as OBGYNs. Similarly I’ve classified paediatricians who practice neonatology as neonatologists. 

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  1. penny law permalink
    December 14, 2020 5:34 am

    Jim Thankyou for taking the time to compile this – so important and very sobering – all those families- Not much news re Covid and Venezuela – but from your list it looks like the situation is dire . BW Penny

    Dr Penelope Law The Countess of Bradford Secretary 0203 370 0809 Instagram – @drpenelopelaw


    • December 14, 2020 6:19 am

      Thanks Penny. Yes Venezuela & Russia are obviously artefacts of their local medical associations collecting and publicising the names. But they unwittingly show us that things are bad there.

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