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Primary Mothercare again

March 13, 2012

Look inside

Every 12 hours the equivalent of two jumbo jets crashing and killing everyone on board – that’s the worldwide death toll from childbirth. Not just on that terrible day in 1977, when two 747s collided in the world’s worst aircraft accident in Tenerife, but day in, day out. One every minute.

Saving them won’t be easy. In 1990 the UN set one of its Millenium Development Goals, MDG 5A to be precise, to reduce maternal mortality by three quarters by 2015.  Few believe it will be hit.

Saving mothers lives takes more than vaccination and clean water. It needs anti-biotics, anti-convulsants, blood transfusion and safe surgery. That means transport systems, trained staff and functioning hospitals. Training means books – lots of them. Complete, but written in simple language. That’s where Primary Mothercare and Population comes in.

My scanner is poor quality, but the following extracts give you a peek inside. Four hundred detailed, easy to read, fully illustrated pages.


Read more here. Help me get it where it’s needed. Send an email to and I’ll send you a free copy.

Jim Thornton

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  1. April 25, 2012 12:08 pm

    Alot of thanks to Maurice King for his hard work. I ways follow Population Reference Bureau (PRB) publications year by year, in order enrich my knowledge and follow up how countries especially in my own in African continent are on MGDs track (achieving them 2015) but in all instances i get the opposite results. It’s the reason why i have alot of salutations to Maurice for his devotion to changing the mindsets of my fellow Africans. i happen to have physically enjoyed his visits and lectures in Uganda like one disentrapment we held Mulago medical two years ago. His book will be resourceful to me also.

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