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Rühle cemetery

July 19, 2014

Overlooking the river Weser

This beautiful little cemetery, between the road and the river, enhanced my evening walk.

Ruhle cem2  Ruhle cem   Ruhle cem4

The expensively carved marble gravestones tell the story of Germany’s prosperous and stable recent past. Post war couples reach a good age, the man dies, and after a longish widowhood his wife goes too. No children have joined them yet.

gravestone1  gravestone2   gravestone3

gravestone5  gravestone6  gravestone7

gravestone8  gravestone9  gravestone10

Only one child grave, and only a couple of husbands outliving their wives.

gravestone baby    gravestone he outlived her  gravestone11

Jim Thornton May 2014


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