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Alt.obits Deadpool

December 3, 2011

A morbid, disrespectful waste of time.

Dead pools are games based on predicting when people will die.  Pick a list of, hopefully living, people on Jan 1st, and get points for each one who falls off the perch during the year. The more points the younger, if you’re the only player to choose them, or if they die on their birthday; stuff like that.  None if you kill them – we’re tasteless, not evil.  There are many deadpools; hollywood, political, pop star. All sorts..

Alt. obits (AO) is a news group for sad people interested in obituaries. Like me.

AO deadpool (click here) is the obituarist’s deadpool. Anyone can join, but to get the points your stiff must get a write-up in a national news outlet.  Amelia, who runs it, usually lets the successful picker write the deadpool obituary. Irreverent is good. I usually add a bit of doggerel and repost them here.

Preparing the list is a Christmas tradition in our family.

Jim Thornton

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