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Rich fools and their money

March 1, 2012

Sourdough Hotels

My Swedish house guest has just told me the craziest thing.  There’s a place in Stockholm which, for a fee, will look after your yeast. A surdegshotel in Swedish.

You’ve heard of kennels and catteries, you’ve even heard of dog walkers and people to water your plants while you’re on holiday. But what about that yeast plant you’re feeding every day? Maybe for ginger beer, a Herman for cakes, or your favourite sourdough bread starter. Perhaps you even have a Kombucha culture. If you like home baking/brewing and long holidays perhaps this is for you. Click here.

But how did people manage before sourdough hotels? Even if they never went on holiday, they went to war, had bad days, or just forgot.

Their starters kept going. The best ones are based on wild yeasts and easily survive a few weeks of no feeding.  If you pop them in the fridge, months. And if they die off, make another. The whole things a non problem. Another way to part rich fools from their money.

Go for it I say.

Jim Thornton

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