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Noel Whittall

May 17, 2012

Forgotten Fragments of History # 1

Nearly ten years ago I posted The Dictator and his Wife, by the Yorkshire poet, Noel Whittall, on my iGreens website – it’s still there. Here’s the first appearance on, of his sideways take on serious matters.

The piano was never an effective engine of war,
those tiny wheels allowing little manoeuvrability
on the battlefield.
Eventually the arrival of the tank put an end
to any military aspirations it may have harboured.

However, in its musical role the piano
continued to give sterling service in saloon bars
through peace and war
right up to the adoption of the juke box
as the entertainment weapon of choice.

Noel Whittall

More of his poems are available in Curriculum 4 Leeds Poets, published by White Line Press, 1A Headingley Mount. Leeds. LS6 3EL

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