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Diederik Sakkers

July 24, 2012

Dutch Libertarian

My friend Diederik Sakkers is standing for the Dutch parliament on 12 September. I’m so excited. He’s standing for the Libertarian Party. Here’s their website. Their leader is Toine Manders.

Diederik is lowish on the list (it’s proportional representation) but support should get him in! We supported Marleen Temmerman a few years ago, and she briefly became the most famous politician on the planet when she told the wives of her fellow Belgian MPs to withhold their sexual favours until the MPs had agreed a government!  So no pressure!

Seriously, it’s important to support him. The Libertarian Party has all the right small government policies, without the racist overtones of Geert Wilder’s populist Freedom Party. The Netherlands needs some Libertarian MPs.

Jim Thornton



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