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Thai Brides

January 24, 2013

Paying for sex

John Humphrys (BBC Radio 4, Today Programme) tried to work himself into a lather this morning about thousands of immigration requests apparently lost by the UK Border Agency. Having been refused entry, the applicants had grumbled rather than filing a formal appeal, and the agency hadn’t made it clear that they had dropped into bureaucratic oblivion. Not much of a scandal, especially when the BBC’s researchers could only rustle up a fellow from Rotherham whose Thai bride had been refused entry!

Here’s a prediction. The BBC will soon campaign against old guys paying women from poor countries for sex and household services, and avoiding the accusation of prostitution by getting a marriage certificate. Only yesterday Humphrys was winding himself up about people-trafficking from Eastern Europe. His successor will soon be tut-tutting at how Thai brides are happy to seal the deal for a low price if you throw in UK citizenship.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’ve no problem with immigration, or paying adults for housework or even for sex.  I just don’t think it’ll be long before Aunty asks how we could have tolerated such things as recently as 2013?

I doubt it’ll take ten years.

Jim Thornton

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