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Fragrance of Mercy

January 10, 2015

Rose Distribution

Today members and supporters of the Khalifa Qamar Zaman (KQZ) Legacy Institute (click here) met by the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham’s Market Square to commemorate The Prophet’s birth.

IMG_20150110_115909111    IMG_20150110_114139983_HDR   IMG_20150110_114615355

The speakers were Imam Khalid Hussain from Leicester, and Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire’s Police Commissioner.  In the aftermath of the Paris shootings at the offices of Charli Hebdo and at the Hyper Cacher Jewish supermarket, the distribution of roses and the messages of peace and tolerance had special importance.


IMG_20150110_112838076   IMG_20150110_112304457   IMG_20150110_112953046_HDR

IMG_20150110_113802998_HDR IMG_20150110_113408161_HDR   IMG_20150110_115743174_HDR

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