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Top OBGYN trial recruitment centre

September 15, 2011

Queens Medical Centre and City Hospital Nottingham

The Twin Birth Study, one of the most important current research trials in pregnancy, recently completed recruitment of 2,800 participants worldwide.  The trial will test whether it is safer for twins to be born by Caesarean section, or in the normal way.

Women carrying twins were invited to allow the route of delivery, Caesarean or normal, to be determined by chance.  Not surprisingly many had a strong preference one way or the other and declined to join.  Nothing wrong with that, it’s their choice, but it made recruiting so many participants a slow process.  It took hundreds of hospitals around the world nearly seven years.  In Nottingham we invited hundreds of women to achieve the 34 we eventually recruited.

Thirty four participants may not sound much, but Nottingham was the second most successful recruiting centre in the UK.   More than any centre in Australia, USA, Belgium or Germany. We were equal to the top centre in Holland, and would have been number two in Canada.  The only other centres that recruited more were very large city hospitals in South America and Asia.

Not only that but we’ve just heard the news that all the outcome data from our 34 recruits has been certified 100% complete and accurate.  Not one single data item missing!  I’m so proud of the team. Here’s a picture of us all.


The main trial results will be available in April 2012, but we won’t stop there.  We will be following the babies up for a long time yet.

Jim Thornton

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