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Nottingham’s own Rogue Trader

September 20, 2011

Last week Kweku Adoboli, 2003 graduate in E-commerce and digital business, from Nottingham University, was arrested for a suspected £2 Billion fraud at Swiss bankers UBS.   It’ll take time to sort out, but in the ranks of financial bad guys he appears to be near the top.  Well behind Bernie Madoff”s $65 billion scam, and Jerome Kervial’s Euro 4 billion fraud at Société Générale, but ahead of Nick Leeson who bought down Barings Bank by losing a mere $800 Million.

But there’s no mention of him on my university’s website, although there’s surely no need to be shy.  We can hardly be held responsible for the sins of our students eight years after they graduate.  Perhaps it’s a character flaw in me, but I’m secretly rather proud of him.

When I lecture abroad and am asked where I’m from, my reply, “Nottingham, home of Robin Hood” always provokes a light of recognition.  Last week I got someone else to mention.

Jim Thornton

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