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Wolvercote community orchard

May 26, 2015

Opposite the Trout at Godstow

Overgrown but still loved and tended.

IMG_20150523_170643894  IMG_20150523_170831688   IMG_20150523_170835695

The well in the centre with a plaque to Ralph Austen.

IMG_20150523_170908428_HDR    IMG_20150523_170944767   IMG_20150523_171729585

Most trees labelled.

IMG_20150523_171029649   IMG_20150523_171045129    IMG_20150523_171310173_HDR

IMG_20150523_171618364_HDR    IMG_20150523_171107565

Next door the allotment from which the orchard was created, and at the back some beehives.

Ralph Austen was a 17th century nurseryman, cider maker, and early environmentalist from Oxford.


Take a walk here when you next visit the Trout at Godstow (click here).  Click here for the orchard website.

Jim Thornton

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