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Wild swimming in Herefordshire

June 30, 2015

Rivers Lugg & Teme

The Lugg

Park at the B4362 bridge at Mortimer’s Cross layby. Cross the bridge and take the footpath over a stile, across two fields and a low hill into which the river cuts. About half a mile downstream the path descends into a water-meadow, and the river meanders between shingle banks. There are few deep pools – it’s impossible to get out of your depth – but it’s private. We met no-one on a sunny Saturday in June. Grid reference SO428634

IMG_20150627_111321618 IMG_20150627_111237866_HDR  IMG_20150627_112402062_HDR

IMG_20150627_112631913_HDR   IMG_20150627_112857422_HDR  IMG_0948

The stretch of Lugg upstream of the A4110 bridge (around SO420656) is also allegedly good, but the river in front of the Riverside Inn didn’t look enticing and I couldn’t get access from the north bank.

The Teme

Just upstream of Leintwardine bridge at the junction of the Teme and Clun is a well-known spot (click here), but I didn’t know about that. The pool below the weir and road bridge looked enticing, but public.

IMG_20150627_161802098     IMG_20150627_161624018_HDR   IMG_20150627_161440540_HDR

Instead I followed the minor road downstream past “The Sun”, a traditional pub. Immediately after passing a small factory right, a footpath runs to the river. The deep pools in the meanders, easily accessible from shingle banks, are very private. Grid reference SO478736

IMG_20150627_155949271_HDR  IMG_20150627_154735704_HDR  IMG_20150627_154613486

IMG_20150627_154124057_HDR  IMG_20150627_153746791

This stretch is labelled on the Ordnance Survey as Leintwardine Fishery, but we saw no fishermen in June. Downstream of Ludlow there is said to be a good spot at SO532687, accessible from the footpath from the A456, but not personally tested.

Jim Thornton


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  1. July 16, 2015 7:44 pm

    Will definitely check these out!

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